Two Days Until Book Launch

So, when we left our intrepid heroine, she was just flying across the country to spend the summer in Kingston. And what is waiting for her in Kingston? Why – limestone buildings, numerous penitentiaries, and limited job opportunities. Oh yeah, this is a romance, so there’s a guy too. And he’s a hockey player, because that’s all I write about. Anyway, his name is Jake Cookson, and he sees her the minute she steps off the airport bus.

Jake Cookson

Andrew pointed, “Shit! That’s her, the chick was I telling you about.”

Tolly and I looked over. There were two girls across the street, hugging each other, which is always hot to watch. Almost as good as girls dancing together at a club. Not as good as girls kissing.

“Which one is she?” Tolly asked. I noticed that the little brunette was gorgeous with a smokin’ body, she was wearing those tight yoga pants and a blue top that showed off her big tits. The other girl had light brown hair and was wearing a dress; she was pretty too, but kind of skinny.

“The one in the dress,” replied Andrew, he was getting a goofball look on his face. I had only been home a week, but I had already heard a lot about this chick he was crushing on: she worked at Queen’s University and he was taking a summer course there. So far he hadn’t had the guts to talk to her, but the summer had just started.

As we were watching them, we noticed a weird yowling noise. The little brunette looked over at us nervously and then picked up a pet carrying case and they pulled all these suitcases down Division Street. She had a great ass too, and I enjoyed the view as they walked away. With all that luggage, it looked like maybe she was moving here, which would be good news.

“I wouldn’t mind her doing her friend,” I commented.

“Perfecto, Jakester! You can snag the friend and then introduce me! We can like, double date,” Andrew suggested.

“How am I going to do that? I may never see her again, it’s not like I know where she lives.” Although, from the direction they were headed, it looked like somewhere in the student ghetto.

“Excuses, excuses.” Andrew shook his head, “You’re the guy who always scoring the Hollywood chicks, right? A sweet Canadian girl will be like putty in your hands, and besides, it’s Kingston in the summer. How can you miss a new hot girl around here? Just do your magic and I’ll be on her friend like white on rice.”

I laughed and threw the soccer ball at him. He caught it and kept yakking, “C’mon, what’s the good of having a famous friend if I can’t use him to score the girl of my dreams?”

“Yeah, Cooker, just use your charm and good looks to wheel that chick,” Tolly snorted. “And if that doesn’t work, tell her how much money you make.”

Hmm, a rich player? Sounds exactly like the kind of guy that a girl mending her broken heart doesn’t need. But will Frankie fall for his charm, large salary, and (cough, cough) good looks? Stay tuned for the final excerpt tomorrow, or just wait until October 1st  when you can get your own copy of How The Cookie Crumbles.