Three Days Until Book Launch

Frankie’s had enough and she’s not going to take it anymore! Instead of sticking around to watch her ex-boyfriend, Matt, date every attractive waitress at the restaurant, she’s going to take the chicken exciting way out, and flee Vancouver. Of course, she’s hardly ever strayed from home, but desperate times require desperate measures.

I was on a plane to Toronto for my very first solo flight, and I was very excited. I felt daring, even if my entire family had taken me to the airport, and acted as if I was boarding the Titanic or something. My mom had been crying about her baby leaving Vancouver, and my dad had alternated between telling her not to be ridiculous and giving me painful hugs and more painful advice. My brothers were happy that I was paving the way so that when they left home it would be slightly less humiliating. Only my grandmother told me I was doing the right thing and suggested I “go a little wild.”

I had taken a leave of absence at the restaurant so I could go back in the fall if I wanted, and then I debated whether I should tell Matt that I was going away for the summer. Instead I told Shawntell that I was moving to Kingston. I may have misled that geographically-challenged birdbrain into thinking that I was going to Kingston, Jamaica, which she would then pass on to Matt. Take that, boring chartered accountant guy!

Bianca was right, as I flew farther and farther from Vancouver, I thought less and less about Matt. I felt nervous, but at least I wasn’t obsessing about my own life. Truth be told, I did stick too close to home and familiar friends and family. For most people flying across the country would not be a big deal, but for me it was huge. I felt brave and nauseous at the same time.

Brave and nauseous? Why that’s how I feel when I publish a new book. Anyway, what could be awaiting Frankie in the little town of Kingston, Ontario? Check in tomorrow for our next excerpt and find out. And if you’re enjoying these excerpts, you'll definitely want to check out How The Cookie Crumbles.