Four Days Until Book Launch

Well, yesterday we left our heroine, tearful and sad, after her breakup with Matt. Fortunately, things can’t get any worse for her. Or could they? In this excerpt, one night after the breakup, Frankie goes to work at the restaurant where she and Matt met. And there’s a nasty surprise waiting for her.

As soon as I got to work, I knew something was up. Cinnamon, who was one of my better friends there, pulled me aside once I walked in the door.

“Oh my God, Frankie, I am so sorry to hear that you and Matt broke up! You guys were like the perfect couple.”

“It’s okay, but wow, it doesn’t take long for bad news to spread. How did you hear about this anyway?” It only happened yesterday afternoon, and neither Matt nor I worked last night.

“Well, Shawntell told me. Matt called her and he asked her out! Did you not know?” Cinnamon’s eyes were wide and her perfectly glossed lips formed a matching circle.

“What! He’s going on a date with Shawntell!”

Matt and I used to laugh at Shawntell. In addition to having a mother who couldn’t spell, she was blessed with gorgeous sun-streaked looks and a killer body. But she was so incredibly stupid that she was gave dumb blondes a bad name. She was constantly getting her orders wrong, and causing all kinds of problems in the kitchen. Was dating airheads what Matt meant by having more fun? Of course, she also confided in me that she believed giving b.j.’s gave her an orgasm because she had an extra clitoris in her mouth, which now seemed to be information I probably I shouldn’t have passed on to Matt.

Poor Frankie is having the week from H-E-double-hockey-sticks. But she’s got enough spirit not to take all this lying down! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s excerpt, and remember How The Cookie Crumbles launches on October 1st.