One Day Left to Book Launch

Well, when we last left our hero, he had spotted Frankie arriving in his hometown. Naturally, in a small town, it doesn't take long for them to run into each other again. Unfortunately for Jake, when he first chats up Frankie, she is completely and utterly uninterested. Not only does he not get a date, she won’t even tell him her name. But he’s not letting that stop him:


I like women. I know most guys would say that, but I genuinely like women and naturally I like to get with women. Of course, being in the NHL definitely improves my odds with chicks; I figure I’m a nice guy, but sometimes that’s not enough. Still, I get that not every girl is into hockey players or into me, and it kind of seemed like the little brunette was one of them. I wasn’t going to keep after her if she wasn’t interested, but she was hot enough to rate some extra effort.

The next day at the gym, I asked Brad about her during our training session. 
“Hey Brad, you know that brunette that works out here?”

He made a face. “Afternoons? Short with long brown hair?”

“And stacked!” I added.

“Yeah, you’re only the tenth guy to ask me about her. It’s not that kind of gym, and I should never have let her talk me into a membership.”

“Why, is she picking up guys all the time?” That would be good news, because she seemed more on the chilly side.

“No, quite the contrary, she’s strictly not interested in anything but working out. But she’s proving to be a distraction.”

“Has she got a name?”

“Look Cookson, you need to concentrate on your workouts while you’re at the gym.” And he increased the level of the treadmill I was on.

“C’mon, Brad!” I puffed, “She was actually on me for not working out hard enough, so it can only be a good thing if I see more of her.”

He frowned again. “Well, she does come to the gym almost every afternoon and work out hard. Her name is Frances Taylor, Frankie for short.”

So I started coming to the gym afternoons too. Frankie looked pretty cute in her little workout outfits, but it was true that she totally focussed on her routine and hardly looked around. By the end, when she was all sweaty and her top was sticking to her, I was ready to overlook all her prickly ways just to get a crack at that body. Then she would shower and come out wearing these dresses and high heels. She looked like something out of an old movie, but way hotter.

So, will Frankie get over her broken heart? Will Jake ever get Frankie to go out with him? And what was making the weird yowling noise in the pet carrying case? For the answers to these and other burning questions, check out How The Cookie Crumbles. 

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