The Next One

The next one is not Sidney Crosby, as some say, but my next book. Unlike Fresh Air, this one is looooong, 60 chapters long! The first draft is completed, and currently in the editing stages, so major changes can still happen. Now that Christmas is over, I can really buckle down and work on the rewrite, which is something I procrastinate about. I wish I could write only first drafts and a team of scholarly elves would do all the editing and rewriting for me.

Anyway, Everyone Loves Doughnuts is the story of Frankie Taylor, a true homebody, who loves cooking...and eating. She has lived in Vancouver for her whole life, and when a  crisis forces her to make a change, she flees across the country to small town Ontario. There she meets two new men: one a handsome, successful businessman and the other good-natured and slightly slobby hockey player. Well, since Frankie's never been a huge hockey fan, it's no contest...or is it?