Introducing Fresh Air

Well, here's the first book! It's a short, eight chapter romance. Unlike most of my writing, it's actually rated PG, you could read this one out loud to your grandmother. Except perhaps a couple of words, but honestly, I think that grandmothers have seen it all and they're pretty hard to shock.

So here's what the book is about:
Janet Samson leads a quiet life. She lives at home and works the night shift at a downtown veterinary clinic. Then one night, a tall, dark and sort of good-looking stranger comes in with a terribly injured kitten. Usually Janet has eyes for animals only, but in this case she may make an exception.
Hmmm, I seem to have forgotten to mention: It's a hockey romance, because that's all I write.

Fresh Air is actually my favourite story that I've written. I think because it's succinct, and because both Janet and Max both feel deeply but keep their emotions contained. And of course, I love the two cats in the story.

I hope you'll enjoy Fresh Air too.