Who's a crazy cat lady?

You are, Mel. 

You are, Mel. 

When I heard about the Crazy Cat Lady box set, I really wanted to be a part of it. After all, if there’s one thing that my books have in common—besides hockey, feisty heroines, and clinical sex scenes—it’s cats. There’s a cat in every single book and novella. In fact, once when my editor suggested that I remove a cat character, I explained that cats are my thing. So instead, I increased the role of the cat to make her important.

The Crazy Cat lady box set is filled with romances where cats play a major role. I’ve read and enjoyed all nine novellas. Some stories feature big cats like lions and panther shifters, while others feature domestic cats, usually in multiples. The romances range from sweet to sweaty.

My contribution is called Mr. November. It’s about Vancouver Vice tough guy, Marty Devonshire. We met Marty in The Tao of Hockey where he was the only player who offered genuine friendship to Eric Fairburn. Now it’s big Marty’s turn to fall, and he falls hard for petite Elaine Salang. They meet at a cat shelter where the Vice are shooting a charity calendar. But poor Marty, who’s not too experienced with women, blows his chance with Elaine. Luckily, his new teammates have his back and give him advice on how to win over women. The advice ranges from sensible to hilarious. And does all this advice work? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out.

How many women have even seen the cat? Other than me

How many women have even seen the cat? Other than me

Other books in the box set are:

The Vet & the Geek by Sidney Bristol

When veterinarian Raul is reunited with his long lost cat he gets a lot more than he bargained for in Miranda, the curvy, sassy woman who can wipe the floor with his subpar gaming skills. But Miranda doesn’t know if Raul is flirting with her, or if he’s the stalker she’s lived in fear of for years. Is he the crazy cat guy of her dreams, or is he the man who wants her—dead or alive?

Cat Scratch Fever by L.C. Alleyne

Inspector Rafael Montigue detects the scent of a potential mate during a delegate meeting. Kristin Wallin is working undercover to bring down the Brazilian Minister’s drug ring. When terrorists attack, Rafe exposes his panther shifter identity in order to protect Kristin, but she surprises him with secrets of her own that make him look like an innocent kitty cat.

 Decker & Joy: A North Pole Unlimited Romance by Elle Rush

Jaded P.I. Decker Harkness must track down a missing Christmas prototype if he wants a shot at a corporate security contract. Sexy cat shelter manager Joy McCall needs help figuring out who broke into Kitten Caboodle and made off with her foster kittens. If they work together, everyone may get a happily-ever-after.

Cats in the Cradle by Jerri Drennen

Being accused of murder by red-haired beauty Beatrice Dailey, a woman known to be the crazy cat lady in the neighborhood, somehow kick-starts Sam Littman’s floundering career. Soon he finds himself writing her as the main character in his novel—but as fact & fiction start to blur, Sam & Beatrice tumble headfirst into something most unexpected.

Forgive Me by Lori Whyte

When a neighbor’s cat deposits a severed finger on Rachel Connor’s doorstep, the last thing she expects is that it’ll bring Grady Randall back into her life. He shattered her heart when they were teenagers, but she finds herself turning to him when a menacing stranger shows up at her door. Can their reunion & reignited attraction survive the night or will the murderer strike again?

Sanctuary by Sukie Chapin

When Indiana finds her life is in shambles & her exotic cat sanctuary on the verge of bankruptcy, her only hope rests in the capable hands of a tall, dark, & bearded stranger. Jake’s on the hunt for the only good thing left in his life, his lost lion Loki, but he never expected his search to lead him to beautiful, anguished Indy & her dilapidated refuge. As their attraction grows fiercer than the lions they love, Indy & Jake must decide if they can overcome old wounds & fears to find sanctuary in each other’s arms.

Mr. Hot Stuff by Abby Cheshire

After eight awful & all too memorable blind dates in a row, all Lily wants is to stay home with a good book & her five cats. But when her latest rescue cat Captain Kitt goes klepto & steals a set of keys that belong to the hunky fireman in the neighborhood – Lily may be closer to a perfect match than she ever imagined.

Dress Blues by Lisa Carlisle 

When Vivi Parker volunteers at a fundraiser for a cat shelter, she’s stunned to run into Jack Conroy, the one man she couldn’t have, but never forgot. While they served in the Marines, any relationship between them was off-limits. Years later in Boston, the rules have changed. But so have they.

This purrfect box set releases on October 11 and costs only 99¢. Bargoon! You can buy it on presale here: Amazon iBooks Nook Kobo