What’s Revealed

After PVR’ing every episode of NHL Revealed so far, I finally started watching it during the little hiatus after Olympic hockey (farewell to watching hockey at 4:00 AM in the morning, thank God!) and before the regular season started again.

I’ve only watched two episodes so far—the Olympic ones, but I have to say that I love it. It’s so interesting and the cameramen seem to have a ton of access. You get to see the personal and personable side of many different hockey players. Frankly, everyone seems to act exactly how I’d expect them to: intense or goofy, boyish or mature, intelligent or clueless.

The show is not as intense or thematic as 24/7, but it’s a lot more fun. This season’s 24/7 was kind of disappointing, for a couple of reasons. First off, I dont think that theres a real, exciting rivalry between Detroit and Toronto. But more importantly, everyone seems to be savvy to the issues resulting from previous shows, and they were being extra careful not to reveal anything negative about themselves. Other than someone’s huge, perfectly organized closet, which was a negative for me. But then, I’m kind of a slob.

It makes me feel a little sorry for players though. People want to know so much about them, and the truth may not be as exciting as we think. To be good at something—like playing hockey—doesn’t necessarily translate into being an intriguing or inspiring person. But it’s all a part of being a celebrity, and I’m sure that being in the limelight is better than being ignored.

Anyone else watching this show? What do you think?