New Book Launch

The official date for the launch of Hockey Is My Boyfriend, Part Two will be October 30th 31st. 

Hockey Is My Boyfriend, Part Two

Kelly Tanaka has moved on. Moved on to university and a whole new life in Montréal. She left behind her high school boyfriend, Phil Davidson, even if he keeps trying to rekindle their romance. The only thing she hasn’t left behind is her fear of commitment. 

Luckily for her, a job at a summer hockey camp is the last place she would expect to meet Mr. Right. Sure enough, from an overconfident ladies man to a tongue-tied nerd, all the guys here are Mr. Wrong. And there’s no way she could be interested in a tall, muscular centreman with the face of a fourteen-year old.

Even if he is the best hockey player she has ever seen in real life.