Olympic Winners ... And How You Can Be One Too!

I met these guys! Photo source: Wikipedia

The dawning of the 2014 Winter Olympics is sending me down memory lane. Cue harp music. Since I live in Vancouver, I was lucky enough to partake in the amazingness that was the 2010 Olympic Games. It was like a big two week party and everybody in the city was invited. There was music, public partying, cultural exhibitions, and of course, sports. 

I did get to go to some hockey games. The women’s games were great, the smaller university arena was full and it had the atmosphere of an intense amateur game with many fervent fans and parents in the stands. Team U.S.A. demolished Team Russia, and I discovered what it was like to sit in front of an oblivious father and his hyperactive four-year-old—with a cowbell! We left early. 

The men’s game was more exciting, as I got to see Team Canada and Team Switzerland. The game was way closer than we had expected and quite exciting. I went with Mr. Xm and we were sitting next to three people from Washington State. The woman sitting next to Mr. X kept asking him questions about hockey. I don’t think she was actually flirting, but I do think she thought he would enjoy explaining the game to an attractive woman. Wrong! Mr. X insisted on changing seats with me at the end of the first period. “She’s driving me crazy! I just want to watch the game,” he declared. So, ladies, may I say that understanding the game of hockey is very attractive to men. Especially ones who have paid hundreds of dollars for tickets.

I have to admit that when the Olympic Games ended, I was so sad that this wonderful event was over. Then a friend told me that if the facilities at Sochi were not ready in time, the Olympics would have to be here again! I’ve been sticking pins into my Putin voodoo doll every since, but obviously I failed in my mission. I hope this year’s games are safe and fair. I’ll always have my memories of 2010. 
Well, Olympians are not the only ones winning. In celebration of the Olympics, I am taking part in a sports romance blog hop. Just leave your email address in the comment section below or send me an email. Everyone will be added to my mailing list, where you get access to previews and deleted scenes. And one lucky person will win an ebook copy of any one of my books, including the upcoming one, How To Date A Hockey Player. To find out more about my books, check out my new book page.
Be sure to check out the links below, and explore all the sports romance writers in the Olympic hop. The blog hop ends on February 5th. Everyone is offering prizes, so good luck!

3. N Kuhn
18. Megan Linden

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