Finally a launch date for the book...sort of

You know that saying, “Make hay while the sun shines?”  Well, out here in Vancouver, we do pretty much everything while the sun shines: riding bikes, swimming, hiking, shopping farmers markets, and on and on. The only trouble is that the sun has been shining for almost two months, and while that has meant a fabulous summer, it’s also meant not enough time for writing.

But today, it’s raining. I must be a true Vancouverite now, since I found myself staying outside long enough to get soaked, and then feeling completely energized. I’m set for a full day of editing and rewriting, and I’m going to come out and commit to an October publication date for my new book. I realize that October is not a date, but it’s a lot closer than just saying soon. I have my fingers crossed for October 1st. 

The book has a new title now: How The Cookie Crumbles. Still food-oriented, of course, and I have to admit that writing this book often makes me quite hungry since there are tons of eating scenes. I have a new cover too, and that involved trying to get exactly the cookie I wanted from the puzzled girl at the bakery: “No, not that one, can you give me one with more blue Smarties?” My cookie model was quite cooperative, but unfortunately by the time the photo shoot was done, it was too stale to eat.

I have the first half of the book completed written, edited, proofed and beta-read. So, that leaves the second half, which is all written, one-third edited and completely unproofed and unbeta-read. But I’m committing to a blog hop on September 30th, with the hope that a deadline will get my butt in gear. I think you’ll find the hop quite interesting, since it’s all writers who write about hot hockey players. More details to come when I find out what exactly a blog hop is.

What I loved about online serial writing was the fixed deadlines, churning out a chapter nightly or semi-nightly. I proofed but I never worried about errors. But publishing is different, and I’ve been a little angsty around the perfection of the finished product. No more though, I want to get this book out there…so I can begin on the next ones.