Mr. November

A Vancouver Vice Novella

Marty Devonshire is the hulking enforcer of the Vancouver Vice. He’s better known for his fists than his goal-scoring. But inside, he’s a complete softy—shy, gentle, and nervous around women. Still, he’s secretly tickled to be asked to pose for a team charity calendar.

Elaine Salang had her heart broken once. So she’s determined that from now on, career will come first: her job, her school, and her volunteer work at a cat shelter. Being stuck all day at a calendar photo shoot with a bunch of rowdy hockey players is not her idea of fun, but it will save the shelter.

When Marty and Elaine meet, sparks fly—in one direction anyway. Marty falls hard for both Elaine and a spunky little rescue cat. But when he finally gets a date with Elaine, he blows it. What will it take for Marty to get a second chance? Nothing less than the combined efforts of his whole team—plus Knightley the cat—will help big Marty to score off the ice.

Melanie Ting managed to make an erotica romance so damn sweet.
— Hannah da Bink, Hannah's Words