Coast to Coast

Vancouver Vice Hockey #5


From the moment I saw her—lost in the middle of campus—I knew that Lily Larson was a golden girl. She’s blessed with charm, beauty, and wealth. Yet out of all the guys in this small Swedish town, she chose me. I’m not questioning why because being with Lily is like sunshine in the dark Nordic night. She awakens a romantic side I didn’t know I possessed.


Everything was perfect until the day she left, when my awkwardness made our break-up especially painful, and now Lily won’t even talk to me. There’s one slim chance to win her back: a hockey try-out in her hometown in Canada. But to get there I’ll have to polish my rusty goaltending skills and hardest of all—leave a family that I’ve been holding together for five years.


Even then, there’s a chance that all my sacrifices will mean nothing. But I have to try because Lily has inspired me to reach for my dreams.


I am definitely checking out the rest of the series.
— -Sara Rider, author of Going for the Goal

Coast to Coast was chosen by All About Romance as a Desert Island Keeper, their accolade for the best romances.